Shipping and return policy


Orders will be delivered by courier service to your home address or parcel service as stated in the delivery terms in the checkout. Delivery time is typically 1-3 business days. In case of delayed delivery, you will be informed of the reason for the delay and you will receive a new estimated delivery time. If you do not accept the new delivery time, you have the right to cancel the purchase.

Get delivered to a parcel service with Bring in DK: FREE
Home delivery with Bring: from 69 kr.

Get delivery to a parcel service with GLS: 39 DKK.
Home delivery with GLS: from DKK 69.

We ship to many countries around the world. Here you can see which countries we ship to. Shipping rates are shown in the checkout:

- Denmark
- Sweden
- Norway

Countries in Europe:
- Germany
- Finland
- United Kingdom
- France
- Beligen
- The Netherlands
- Luxembourg
- Estonia
- Ireland
- Lithuania
- Latvia
- Austria
- Poland

Delivery of posters

When the order consists of posters only (i.e. without frame added), your poster will be sent in a Peléton poster box. All our posters are printed after the order is placed. Delivery time is typically 1-3 business days in Denmark.

Delivery of posters, frames and glass

When you order a poster, a frame and glass, or just a frame and glass, or just a frame, your order is shipped in a Peléton poster box for safe transport of frames.

Delivery risk

Peléton assumes the risk that goods are damaged or lost in transit from our warehouse to you. In case of a return, you assume the risk of the goods being damaged or lost read more about this under Return Policy & returns.

Return policy & returns

Peléton gives you the right to a 14-day return from the date you received your goods.

In the case of returns, the goods must be returned in the same condition as they were in when they were delivered to you. The goods must be returned in Peléton's original packaging with all accessories.

Handling of the received product(s)

In order to check that the goods are the same as your order, you must only handle and inspect the goods in the same way as you normally would if you were trying on/looking at goods in a shop. In the event that you have handled the goods to a greater extent than described above, you may be charged for the depreciation in value of the goods. Peléton will apply a full depreciation (i.e. the full value of the goods) if returned goods are not in a condition to be resold (as new goods).

Things to be aware of before returning

In case of return of goods, the customer pays for all postage (except from 1 May 2021, which pays Peléton return postage). You, the customer, assume the transport risk in the event of a return. Peléton assumes no liability for damage to or loss of returned goods during transport. We therefore strongly recommend that you comply with our instructions to return the goods in their original packaging. Peléton's packaging is designed to minimize the risk of damage during transport.

Cancellation must be notified to us within 14 days of purchase and from cancellation, you must return the shipment within 14 days. Notification must be given by email to In the notification, you must clearly state that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal.

Refund of returns

In the case of an accepted return received, we will refund within 14 days all payments we have received from you for the returned purchase. Refunds in the case of invoice payments will initially be made to the specified personal account. In the case of card payment, the money will be returned to the card (i.e. the account linked to the card) with which you made the purchase.

Right to complain

Peléton will provide full replacement in the form of a new product once a manufacturing defect has been verified. It is important to inspect the product carefully when it arrives. If a product is damaged or otherwise defective when it arrives, a claim must be made as soon as possible after receipt. Please contact customer service if you wish to make a claim regarding your product.

If applicable, please contact - always include photos of the product and packaging.