Art Posters - The Ultimate Decor Trend For 2021 | Peléton

I don't think anyone has missed the fact that 2020 was a rather dull and challenging year, to say the least. Suddenly, the world looked very different - and much bleaker - than we knew it!

In our efforts to adjust to the new reality, we also had to put art, inspiration, and creativity on the back burner for a while. In other words, the world had become a bit greyer than before.

But thankfully, we're doing away with that in 2021, as we kick-start the joy, inspiration, and colour with this year's hottest interior design trend: art posters for the living room!

Renewed focus on creative businesses

2020 offered major challenges for many industries and companies. The creative and artistic industries, in particular, suffered from the social downturn in the spring.

But when things looked bleakest, a bright spot suddenly appeared: people simply started supporting the creative industries by buying art, design crafts, and art posters online from small businesses and artists, among other things.

This was already an existing trend, linked to today's strong focus on sustainability and the environment. For several years, for example, it has been fashionable to shop locally and buy "slow" produced consumer art and crafts with a sustainable focus.

During the spring shutdown, this trend was ignited, which is why we predict that it will continue well into 2021 - and probably long after!


In 2021, colour your life!

As grey and dreary as 2020 was, 2021 will be just as colourful, aesthetic and inspiring! In interior design terms, it's the year we look for encouragement, inspiration and joy in our surroundings. Creativity and colour need to be revved up and we need to bring life and cheer back into our living rooms. That's why one of the hottest home decor trends for 2021 is to let pictures, design posters and art posters adorn the walls of your home.

In 2021, Peléton has launched a range of colourful and evocative art posters to redraw the colourful lines of everyday life!

See for example Nya Hegelund's collections of colourful fruits and wild nature:

Art posters for the living room - surround yourself with beauty and be inspired in everyday life

2020 was also the year when many had to move furniture around their homes to make room in their living rooms for the new way of working. The home office has become a permanent fixture in most people's lives - and will probably remain so for some time to come.

That's why one of the biggest interior design trends for 2021 centres on creating environments that both boost motivation when you're at (home) work, but also give you peace and atmospheric relaxation when you're off.

Throughout 2021, Peléton will be focusing on carefully curating series of art posters for the living room that encompass these two dimensions.

See, for example, Anna Thomsen's inspiring posters, which depict many everyday situations and moods in colourful shades.

At Peléton, we look forward to welcoming this new year with lots of delicious and colourful art!