Anna Thomsen

Anna Thomsen is the artist behind the collections "Extraordinary stills of ordinary things" and "Nature with perspective".

Karolina Székely

Karolina's artworks are created by mixing hand-drawn elements and digital techniques with simple, bold and organic forms. Her aim is to create joy between balance and aesthetics.

Eszter Marie Szabo

With her multicultural background, Eszter addresses current social problems through her realistic art.

Frederik Højfeldt

Frederik Højfeldt is behind the collections "Skumring" and "Forces". He grew up in Egernsund, a small town in Southern Jutland.

Josefine Toft Romme

Josefine's upbringing in the countryside of North Zealand has sparked her interest in nature's unique details, patterns and colours, which are reflected in her unique hand-painted art. 

Julius Flemming Elikofer

Julius has always had a desire to express his creativity, whether it was on stage in the school musical or through logo design for companies

Lot Winther

Lotte Winther has a background in the fashion industry, but a friendly conversation with a good friend became a turning point in her life. Soon after, she unleashed everything she knew and dedicated her absolute focus to the visual arts. 

Maria Hartmann

Maria Hartmann is the artist behind the "Echoes" collection. She graduated from the Copenhagen School of Design, where she found her great passion for the tactile and physical medium. 

Little Detroit

Christine Brage is a Danish artist who works mainly with papercuts. She loves to experiment with different patterns, shapes and colours while being open to the unknown.

Nya Hegelund

Nya Hegelund is the artist behind the two collections "Citrus" and "By Land, Sea, and Air".  Nya lives in Copenhagen, where she works as a freelancer and studies.

Hello Atelier

Pernille Bitsch, who is behind the Hello Atelier project, would describe herself as a "creative troublemaker", and she realised at a young age that this was the creative path she wanted to take in life.


At the heart of Peléton are exclusive artist collaborations with passionate and talented artists from many different corners of the art world.

Maison Charlot

Located in the heart of Paris in the lovely Marais, Maison Charlot is a design studio created by Croatian designers Marijana and Bruno. The design duo creates modern yet timeless art prints that will last and be passed down.

Julia Corradi

Julia is a Danish-French artist, born and raised in the countryside, not far from Paris. Her passion for art was born at a young age, when she spent every weekend exploring Parisian museums, galleries and every street.


Under the artist name Tedzukuri, Julie designs posters with a simple and graphic expression. Much of her inspiration comes from architecture and geometric shapes and patterns.

Rune Elmegaard

When he started making art, he was more wild in expression and he needed to experiment with art. Today, Rune is a modern artist who wants to create his own brand through his art and furniture design.

Kurt Job

Kurt Job is from London and is a photographer. Combining his interest in minimalism, architecture, the natural world and editing he found a mixed style that focuses on attention, stillness and balance.

Jade Piol

Jade is a French artist, she comes from Britany France. Since she was young, she has been drawing everything from clothes to home interiors.

Aske Jørgensen

Aske Jørgensen is the artist behind the collection "Morgenstund". He was born and raised in Roskilde, where his dream was to become a sports star. However, his time in high school turned his life around.

Martin Jørgensen

Martin Jørgensen is a self-taught illustrator/artist living in Ringsted. He started in the advertising industry in Copenhagen, and soon discovered that he could make a living from illustrating. After that he started working with works of art.

Mie & Him

Mie Torp Træger and Ayaan Hafiz are the two artists behind the creative platform - Mie&Him - a design and art brand through which they share their creative works.

French Toast Studio

Nienke and Amanda are the two creative minds behind the design duo French Toast Studio. Their story began a few years ago at art school, where they bonded over their love of French toast and beautiful colour palettes.

Julie Celina

Julie Celina er en dansk kunstner, som voksede op i en kreativ familie. Som studerende i antropologi blev hun inspireret til at formidle andre kulturer og mennesker gennem hendes kunst.

Lé Ark

Lé Ark blev grundlagt i 2019 af grafisk designer Michelle Schultz der har base i Støvring nær Aalborg.

Sophie Ohmsen

Sophie Ohmsen er en ildsjæl og selvlært kunstner. Hun er bosat i København i et dejligt bofællesskab. Når Sophie ikke maler studerer hun til multimedie design.

‎Mille Henriksen

Mille Henriksen er en grafisk designer og kunstner fra København. Hendes arbejde omfatter printkollektioner, malerier og unikke objekter.

‎Kirstine Dahl

Kirstine Dahl Hammershøj er en dansk kunster og tekstil designer. Hun har en MA med speciale i print design fra Designskolen Kolding.

Harrt Studio

Charlotte Faucon, som står bag den kunstneriske del af Harrt Studio, arbejder og bor i Paris. Harrts Studios værker er skabt af frie og organiske former.

‎Isola Studio

Stinne Uldal Nguyen is an artist who combines many media to create unique works. She loves to explore the boundaries between textures and different styles, which she defines as "the golden mean".

Marco Marella

Marco is an Italian artist and illustrator who has worked on newspapers, publishing houses and other commercial products. He enjoys exploring creativity through digital art and currently lives and works in Venice.

Per Anders

Per Anders lives and works in both Gråsten and Provence. He is actually an educated dentist in Denmark and the USA, but spends his time primarily on his paintings.